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    Hello all, 

    We apologize for the inconvenience in terms of our site. We are currently in the works to improve your experience with us. In the meantime, if you are interested in ordering our Jerky and Nut products directly to our website, please  send go to the below link.


    Thank you! 

    E.T. Fresh Jerky Team

    About Us

    The Future

    According to our new founds friends, we are going to have a bright future. As long as we keep bringing the jerky to create the smiles on all faces, it's a SLAM DUNK! 

    With that being shared, we want to hear from you!  We want to know about your experience and suggestions to keep us growing. We are a forever growing community, alien or not. Your smile is important to us!

    Our Jerky

     All our beef jerky is made from 100 % American beef. It is full of flavor to give a little kick for the attempt of getting passed the guards at Area 51.  Ok, no bright ideas my friends!  We must share this truth with you, it is NOT from alien beef!!!! It's also not made in outer space. HOWEVER, we are a planet and Alien too. Stay positive, good news is, someone is eating Alien Beef Jerky and it's not us humans.

    Stop by and say hi, grab a bag or 10 for the Area 51 adventures.

    Oh, If you need proof you were here, check out all our souvenirs! You got your back :-)

    Why Us?

    Why not us? We are an amazing group of Alien Lovers!! We are family owned, therefore family friendly! All are always welcome in our creations.  Time to be real with you, we have the best jerky in town! Ask our green friends if you dare.


    E.T. Fresh Jerky